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TIMINOS EMS is all you need to make your organisation efficient and productive. It tracks the employee performance, manages employee’s schedule easily, quickly gives reviews.


Timinos employee management system, our new software is for managing employee data within an organisation. It is a distributed application developed to maintain the details of employees working in any organisation. It basically manages everything involving your employees, like personal details, emergency contacts, compensation and salaries. Also our time tracking software makes the time entry experience worth for employees as well as for managers and also allows its employees to record the time spent on tasks or projects.


Goal setting is the major objective of any organisation. It describes what the company expects to achieve for the whole year and gives you long term vision and short-term motivation. It involves setting the deadlines and targets to the employees to follow hard for the wok to be done to achieve it


Planning is essential to achieve desired goal. It is preparing a sequence of actions steps to achieve some specific goals. It is done to rectify the imperfections in the existing plan and reschedules another plan to produce the quality work and also it keeps the employees disciplined.


Giving the work and assignments according to the strengths of employees so that they can perform better. Giving flexibility in their working environment and friendly behavior helps them to adjust in the firm more easily. All these small efforts make your employee feel comfortable and more goals oriented.


Monitoring the employee performance regularly enhances the employee’s skills and keeps them motivated and goal oriented. It helps determine which area of organisation needs improvement and what initiatives to be taken to increase efficiency of employees.


Evaluating the employee’s performance periodically and conducting employees appraisal helps achieve the desired goals. This keeps employees motivated and drives them to work more efficiently and effectively. It examines their weak and strong zones which help in the assessment of their future performance.

Lead management, i.e., tracking of your activities, deals and tasks move them along sales can be done easily. The main important advantage (or) feature of this software is it connects the customers to the employees, i.e., customer interaction and profiles play an important role in this software. It gives a clear overview of the entries sales done in a particular period of time on a clear dashboard and it avoids clumsiness so that a clear view is observed on sales. So this makes sorting and performance tracking easy. So time is saved a lot.
Interacting regarding a deals is tracked automatically and displayed on dashboard for total visibility without added work. So, this makes the work more clear and easy to understand. This software requires IOS or Android app or mobile responsive website version so that access to this software can be done using a tablet or smart phone where ever you go that is support and availability of information regarding this software can be obtained anywhere, anytime easily.
This software can be used by all kinds of companies from temporary employees to permanent employees. This software sorts out the deals by name, owner, amount or stage with custom filters with fraction of time making the work easier and management simple. The EMS (Employee Management System) Timinos makes the work easier even for the employees, i.e., work entry is low and the number of sales done are deals completed are more. So entries or data storage is much easier than other softwares. Here employees working in the companies can learn the work within minutes directly dive into the work with in no time, this in fact saves the time of training period for employees and speeds of the sales in the company which in turn reflects in the increase in the sales of the company. Here, the details regarding the new employees, total salary, total employees, average salary given to the employee are clearly specified. The total overview of salary management are given here and improvement in the employees’ salaries in various fields such as developers, marketing, sales etc. are specified clearly. The company’s growth or downfall is clearly monitored time to time. The up to date view of sales and deals completed is updated clearly in this EMS software so that improvement and deprovement can be analyzed. Based on this the annual or average sales value can be known and measured and can be taken in order to maintain the sales rate.
The details regarding the sales and income is updated time to time and analysis is done in fraction of seconds i.e., the income for the present month, day is represented based on the sales done and this income is compared with the previous months in order to know the progress of the company. This helps to gradually increase the income day by day and hence monthly and yearly income is automatically improved so that it completely helps in the development and the progress of the company. So these kind of EMS’s are very important in order to manage the employees in an orderly manner and drive the company and sales in to the success path. This is a complete database regarding all the perspectives of the company and helps in managing the system properly. These kind of software’s indirectly increase the development of the company rapidly and also saves time and energy of the employee and management also.

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A simple way to track your employee’s performance and get the deep metric reports of spending time for particular job.